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2014 Catalog 

New from JDS Racing.

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New Velocity Stacks
JDS Stacks
JDS4006 - Stack and flare tip (plain aluminum) $14.00
Here is a 2pc. stack machined aluminum

JDS4007 - Stack plain aluminum
 flare tip anodized red $15.99

Manifold not included
More new Velocity Stacks from JDS Racing.
They are a 2pc. machined aluminum. Manifold not included,
you can get manifolds from Competition Resin or Speed City Resin.

Retail price
JDS4006 ($14.00)
JDS4007 ($15.99)
JDS4008 ($15.99)
JDS4009 ($15.99)

Part #'s
JDS4006 - Velocity Stacks w/Plain Aluminum Tips
JDS4007 - Velocity Stacks w/Red Anodized Tips
JDS4008 - Velocity Stacks w/Blue Anodized Tips
JDS4009 - Velocity Stacks w/Gold Anodized Tips

JDS 408
JDS4008 ($15.99)
JDS 409
JDS4009 ($15.99)

JDS Ford Gasser
Gasser chassis with (New)Velocity Stacks

JDS Gasser

JDS Gasser
JDS2013 Gasser Chassis Retails 38.99
This is the Chassis that you will be receiving,
 I'm also going to add companies names where you can do extra detailing if you like.
I'm going to put bolts and nuts on the leaf spring purches.

New Gasser Chassis.
JDS Gasser

JDS Gasser

JDS Gasser
To see more about this chassis click on the
 Facebook link above.

 JDS gasser

Note: you will notice a (GB) on some of my existing part #’s. I will be Glass Beading them to give them a different finish.

Also adding a fish rubber on the HardCore rims. (note:JDS7000 HardCore Fronts are for both Hard&SoftCore rear tires)


 JDS7010-H - Hardcore Rear Tires .500w (Hard Rubber)
  Made for MM/PS Test proven.
 JDS7010 - HardCore Rear Tire .500w $23.99


 JDS7010-S - Softcore Rear Tires .500w (Soft Rubber)

JDS7010-S..........Retail $23.99


 JDS7015 - Scale Series 17” Centerline Fronts

JDS7015 -........Retail $12.50

 JDS7015-GB - Scale Series 17” Centerline Fronts (Glass Beaded)

JDS7015-GB........Retail $13.50

 JDS7016 - Centerline Rear Tires .500w

 DS7016 -  ........Retail $19.99


  JDS7016-GB - Centerline Rear Tires .500w (Glass      Beaded)

  JDS7016-GB........Retail $20.99

 JDS7021 - Scale Series 17” Spoke Fronts

JDS7021 - ........Retail $13.99

 JDS7021-GB - Scale Series 17” Spoke Fronts (Glass Beaded)

JDS7021-GB........Retail $14.99

  JDS7022 - Scale Series 17” Web Fronts

  JDS7022 - ........Retail $13.89


  JDS7022-GB - Scale Series 17” Web Fronts (Glass  Beaded)

  JDS7022-GB........Retail $14.99

  JDS7023 - US Mag Fronts Wheels

  JDS7023.............Retail $13.50

  JDS7023-GB - US Mag Fronts Wheels (Glass Beaded)

JDS7023-GB........Retail $14.50

  JDS7024 - US Mag Rear Tires .500w 

  JDS7024.............Retail $22.99

  JDS7024-GB - US Mag Rear Tires .500w (Glass Beaded)

JDS7024-GB........Retail $23.99

Avenger P/S w/windows
Part# JDS3039 Retail $9.00

Here is the raffle car for the Memorial Race,.
 Part # JDS3043 - Ford Sedan FED Body (Styrene)

Front weight (Gas Tank)available, check the accesories link

(New) JDS Stirene bodies.
JDS Mustang F/C
JDS3005s -Mustang F/C

                                             Others available.
JDS3002s -Sunfire F/C

      JDS3003s -Pontiac F/C

                                                                             JDS3007s -Monte Carlo F/C
                                                 Part # just add a "s"                         Retail Price $9.00
I now have available my F/C bodies in Styrene, they will come with windows.

(New)  Replacement drive shaft.
JDS4002 - Replacement Drive-Shaft  Retail $7.99

 New Styrene bodies by JDS

JDS3037 - Ford Coupe FED Body (Styrene)
36 Ford Comp Coupe........Part#JDS3037
Fits the Digger Chassis

Front weight (Gas Tank)available, check the accesories link

JDS Crossley
Part#JDS3041 Crosley   Fits the Fiat Chassis

Part# JDS2009 - Updated Altered Chassis.  Retail Price: $28.99
Motor bolts in flat and is offset for larger pinions.
There is also chassis braces if you want to stiffen the chassis for tuning preference.
Then eliminated set wheelie bar length, now tubing back-half.
See more detailed pictures in the under the chassis link

Part # JDS2012 – Nostalgia “Digger’ Chassis        Retail price $36.99

JDS Racing Designed a New Chassis for you Nostalgia Lovers.
This chassis is highly detailed design.I wanted to give you this chassis
to remember what the nostalgia drag cars look like.
Front weight (Gas Tank)available, check the accesories link

The Motor plate was design with a offset to allow the new lager 20 pinions from Sonic if need!!

JDS uses the Best 0.035 Spring Steel available.
And the latest Laser Cutting Technology.

We will be making bodies for this chassis like “Competition Coupes an Altereds.”

Included in Kit from Competition Resin: Wing Part # CRC-065 $5.00 value

JDS4003 - Fuel Cell (weight)

Accessories: JDS4004 - Fuel Cell (weight)

Makes it look good and adds that weight in the nose!!

So get your orders in and be the first one at your track to have one!

At this time the JDS3010 - Slingshot body will work!! just cut the nose off.

JDS Racing

JDS7001B - ProStar 3/4 Front Wheels (Anodized Black) $10.20
JDS7011B - ProStar Rear Tire 1-3/16x.500w (Anodized Black) $17.75
JDS7010 - HardCore Rear Tire .500w $20.99 Made for MM/PS Test proven.

The Neo Chassis is out now, order it from your local track, available from the distributors.

Part #JDS2011 - New NEO Chassis

Retail Price $28.99

See more detailed pictures in under the chassis link
JDS Neo Chassis

    JDS2010 - fiat chassis Plus Rollcage
     Retail Price $33.99
JDS2010 - fiat chassis Plus Rollcage
Retail Price $33.99
   JDS3036 - fiat body (In Stock)
Retail Price $9.00  

Note on Fiat chassis: Front coil sprin
 in picture not included

New Alter Chassis

Part #JDS3040 - Austin Body
Styrene body Retai Price $9.00
JDS Austin

Part # JDS3038 - 31' Bantam Coupe Body
Styrene body (Fits the Fiat Chassis)

Retail Price $9.00

Order your parts from your local track.
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