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This page is dedicated to intructions for beginners.

Terms used to indentify parts.
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How to paint a hardbody slot car.  Click Here

Cheap power supply to break in your motor. Click Here
Way at the bottom.
How to mount your body to the chassis.
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How to rebuild a motor, tools needed and some of the work you will have to have your local track or some one else help you with. Click here.

How to build your own scratch build chassis.
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Getting your motor ready for racing.   Click Here
Tips and frequently asked questions.   Click Here
How to build your first chassis.
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Portable Power Source.
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How to participate in a Bracket Race:
In drag racing, a bracket race is a race in which one of the competing cars is ...... More

Won wins? For more information on the subject "Who wins?" Click Here
Each track has it's on set of rules, find out what they are.

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