Eddies Slot Car World.

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Drag Racing Program.
Wednesday nights.
Doors open at 3 p.m.
Monthy on the Fourth
Sunday of the month
Next Friday Nights Under the Lights
No pit fees

1/4 mile, battery power.
Eddies Slot Car World
1021 Tennesse St
Vallejo, CA 94950

Class rules.
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Monthly races classes, index, brackets.
Index 1.290 -.890
Lead Sled

Slip Joint Dragster Chassis.

Rules for this class at Eddies Slot Car World.

 It must have a slip joint chassis. Lenght minimum 9.5 inches.
 That's from the center of the guide to behind the motor mount. Chassis: No ties allowed.

 Any motor, any gears and any tire sizes are allowed.
 Bushing or ball bearing allowed.
 Must have a dragster body mounted on the chassis.
 Engine on top of motor is optional.

 We will run with no glue on the track, so make you dragster
so it can hook up.

Friday Night Under the Lights
Slip joint  dragsters, and dirt cars.

Poker Run Bracket Racing

A minimum of 5 cars must be entered, just like Wed night  bracket racing. An entry of $5.00 will be collected from  participant. If you don't want to enter the Poker Run,  you're entries will  run at the same time.
The $5.00 fee is collected and who has the best hand wins the pot. All entries subject to track entry fees and it is the same pay out  as Wednesday Night Bracket Racing.

Slip Joint Dragsters Rules

Slip joint dragsters will run with no ties, no tires size limit, motor: any motor, The chassis must meet the standard look of a slip joint chassis. The track will be cleaned to the tree and
we will not use glue.
Entry fee: $5.00  Pay out is the same as Wednesday night drag racing
Qualifying race.
Starting time 6:30 p.m.

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